The Mastering Solution for Your Music


Optimise the sound quality for all your music, from initial idea to final release.

Given the cost and limited availability of mastering engineers, mastering has traditionally been used as a final touch prior to releasing your music physically through formats like CDs and vinyl or digitally to streaming platforms and online stores. However, the unlimited availability, cost efficiency and simplicity of automated mastering has opened up the door for mastering to be available beyond the final stage for your official releases, providing you with the opportunity to optimize the sound quality for all of your music, from initial idea to final release. We break down the most popular usage areas that the Masterchannel community use our mastering tool for: 

Test Your Ideas

Are you trying to play your ideas through the speakers in your car, but they are just not loud enough for you to truly feel the song? Gone are the days where you need to apply a heavy limiter or OTT at the end of your master chain. Our mastering tool will handle the volume for you so you can confidently play them for your friends anywhere and anytime.

Demos & Pitches

Sound quality plays a vital role in the listening experience. When your song has developed from the idea stage to a full blown demo ready to be heard by the industry, make sure that the sound quality of your demo is as good as it gets. Mastering your demo will make the dynamics clearer and make it easier to separate the different elements of your track, which again will make it easier for you to hear where the song is in the process. It will also make it easier for listeners to provide you with useful feedback on the demo, so you can do the last necessary tweaks before finishing off the song.

Ane Brun uses Masterchannel in her writing process:

”When I’m working on a demo, I use Masterchannel before I present the song to someone else, because it gives me a better sense of where the song is in the process”.
– Ane Brun, Norwegian Grammy Winner

Are you pitching demos to a label, publisher or an artist you hope to land a collaboration with? Make sure your demos sound as good as they possibly can to increase the chances of a successful pitch.

Christian Ingebrigtsen, A1 member and BRIT Award Winner highlights:

Masterchannel gives you a real good sense of the sound people out there are looking for. It’s perfect for getting a track sounding great for a pitch”.

Songwriting Sessions

Masterchannel can be a great tool during the writing process. The outcome from a songwriting session might not be the final product for the world to hear, nevertheless you want the result to sound as good as possible before sending it off to your manager or label. Mastering it with Masterchannel at the end of your session guarantees a great result and listening experience within minutes.


Are you a beatmaker selling your full length beats on various marketplaces? Make sure your beats have the best possible quality to increase your sales without the mastering process eating up your income. Automated mastering is a cost-effective way to increase the sound quality of your beats.


When you have finished your song and are ready for the world to hear it, it is important that your song sounds as good as possible across all platforms and devices. Masterchannel follows industry standards for delivery to all platforms and optimizes your music to sound the best across all devices, whether it’s on your headphones, in your car or through your speakers. Master your music to increase your chances of getting picked up by industry players such as playlist curators, radio etc.

Live Shows

Rapper Linda Vidala uses Masterchannel for her live performances:

“Not only can I master my next release in a quick and easy way, but I can also master songs that I want to test with a live audience”.
– Linda Vidala, Multi-Platinum Rapper

When playing live shows you might need to master unreleased songs to test with a live audience, or perhaps you use audio samples in live performance settings. We’ve got you covered. Mastering your live set or samples through our mastering tool guarantees you a state-of-the-art mastering result within minutes so you can spend your time planning the other aspects of your live performance.

Audio for Socials

Want more views on your TikToks, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts? Enhancing the sound quality of the audio in your videos will increase your chances of exposure. Perhaps you want to tease your song on TikTok before releasing the full version on streaming platforms? Mastering your track prior to uploading your video will increase your chances of a successful promotional strategy.

Masterchannel: The Mastering Solution to Your Music

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