Poweruser Close-Up: Christian Ingebrigtsen


We're pleased to introduce you to our newest Poweruser addition; A1 member and BRIT Award Winner Christian Ingebrigtsen.

We’re thrilled to welcome Christian Ingebrigtsen to our Poweruser community. His career spans over 20 years, starting with the immensely successful pop group A1. The group achieved chart success in the UK, where they scored two number ones and six other top 10 hits, securing the group a BRIT Award for “British Breakthrough Act” in 2001. Following the pop group, Christian has also had tremendous success in his solo career as well as a songwriter and producer for artists like Maria Arredondo, Gaute Ormåsen, Rein Alexander and Ulrikke, including a winner anthem from the 2020 Norwegian national finals in Eurovision Song Contest for the latter.

Which of your tracks are you most happy with the production for and why?

I’ve been working in Logic since I was 17, and I guess I never found a reason to change DAW.  Still love it!

Do you have a production tip to share that can make your fellow creators’ lives easier?

A good piece of advice I received once was to invest in gear that I knew I wanted to keep in the long run. Instead of buying something half decent and then having to trade up later, I would wait until I could buy the real deal. I started with a good mic, then saved up until I could get a really good AD/DA converter. Then I saved up for a great pre-amp/compressor and so on. That way I built a studio over time with equipment I still use to this day.

What should up and coming producers focus on to get more exposure?

The business is very relational so in addition to being good at what you do, it’s actually important to try to be a nice and likeable person. If people like working with you, and they like what they hear, they’ll come back and they’ll tell their friends about you.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to mastering your music?

I think it’s trusting my own ears. I used to run everything through some friends of mine who I trusted knew what things were supposed to sound like. I still do that occasionally, but once I started to truly know my room and my monitors, it was easier to communicate what I wanted to the mastering engineers. 

What drives you to use Masterchannel? 

Masterchannel gives you a real good sense of the sound people out there are looking for. It’s perfect for getting a track sounding great for a pitch or if you’re an artist releasing your own stuff, you can really save some money on the final product. 

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