Poweruser Close-Up: Linda Vidala


Let us introduce you to the newest addition to the Masterchannel Poweruser family; Norwegian Grammy-nominated rapper Linda Vidala.

Norwegian rapper Linda Vidala set fire to the Norwegian rap scene following the release of her multi-platinum single “Bængshot” in 2017, which secured her a Norwegian Grammy nomination and two P3 Gull nominations (Norwegian radio award show) for “Song of the Year” and “Live act of the Year”.

How do you use Masterchannel in your production process?

When I’ve finalized a track and received a mix I’m happy with, I upload it to Masterchannel for a final touch-up. Not only can I master my next release in a quick and easy way, but I can also master songs that I want to test with a live audience.

Do you have a production tip to share that can make your fellow creators’ lives easier?

Learn the short cuts in your preferred DAW. Create a good work flow by always naming your tracks during the production process and preferably also use colour coding. This will make your work more clear and efficient for not only yourself but also for others in the studio.

What should up and coming producers focus on to get more exposure?

Dare to be yourself and to stand out. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your audience and to share your music with people within the industry, include them in your music journey from day one. Customize your channels based on the different listening groups you want to reach. Always make sure that your music holds the best possible quality. A good mix and master is key!

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to mastering your music?

Time. Sometimes my genre isn’t what the mastering engineer is most familiar with, which can lead to having to go several rounds back and forth. Our work hours can be very different so the mastering process can turn out to be a longer process than initially expected. 

What drives you to use Masterchannel? 

Time and control. With Masterchannel I can easily upload a mix and get a master back within a short time span. The revisions feature also gives me the opportunity to get different versions of a master if I’m not happy with the first version. I can skip the intermediary and get the final master ready to go within 10-15 minutes.

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