Simon Says: June 2022


Masterchannel June 2022 release notes

This month we are rolling out the biggest update since the launch of Masterchannel: Version 2.0 of our highly praised mastering engine! Thanks to the feedback from our amazing user base and Poweruser community, we were able to implement massive improvements in all areas that make your music stand out:

  • Dynamics: The overall master dynamics are even more tailored to the flow of your tracks. Transients in your masters will also cut through better thanks to our new Dynamics intelligence engine.
  • EQing: Your masters will sound even clearer and impactful thanks to our new EQ intelligence engine.
  • Delivery time: We were able to cut down on the processing time of your masters for you to get your music back even quicker.

As always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the latest changes and we cannot wait to hear your new music in pristine Masterchannel quality.

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