Masterchannel partners up with worlds biggest song writing camp
Partnership Announcement – Song:Expo


Masterchannel announces partnership with Song:Expo, the biggest songwriting camp in the world
Oslo/Trondheim – July 7, 2022

Masterchannel partners with Song:Expo, providing participants with premium studio-grade mastering. 

This year’s version of Song:Expo will be held 17th-27th of October, with songwriters from all over the world gathering to collaborate with the goal of reaching international hitlists.

Song:Expo releases from previous years have accumulated billions of streams, multi-million physical sales, numerous top 5 hits and various chart No. 1’s, including Billboard No. 1 placements. More than 100 songs have been recorded and released with international artists such as SuperM, Red Velvet, TWICE, EXO, Super Junior, NCT, LOONA, Krishane – and the list goes on.

Masterchannel provides instant state of the art mastering for Song:Expo releases, as well as offering creators the opportunity to supply studio-level sound enhancement in earlier demo versions of their tracks. 

Christian R. Schultz, CEO & Co-Founder at Masterchannel states:
“Partnering up with Song:Expo allows us to support ambitious creators from the first demo to the final release, thus providing more security and less financial risk for artists working towards quality sound”

About Masterchannel

Music tech venture Masterchannel aims to democratize the music production process and help artists build sustainable careers in music, supporting them from initial idea to final release. Their first creator tool, a world-leading automated mastering service, offers premium AI mastering with studio-grade mastering results in less than ten minutes, at an affordable price and with zero-technical expertise required. Resolutions offered are Lossless, Hi-Res Lossless and Ultimate.

About Song:Expo 

Song:Expo is a songwriting camp that unites creators from all over the world, with the goal to engage, inspire and educate songwriters, as well as helping songwriters, producers and artists to collaborate, expand their network and take their music to the next level, creating a sustainable business model and secure steady income streams for the future. Song:Expo consists of a Regional, National, Nordic and International Camp with a total of 100 people attending each year. In addition to songwriting, the camp also offers panel discussions, talks and Q&As with educational, current, and inspirational content. Song:Expo is organized and hosted by Tempo. 

Applications for Song:Expo 2022 are open, apply here to participate:

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