Masterchannel selected Startup of the Year at by:Larm


Masterchannel paves the way for the Norwegian music technology scene with their leading solution for automatic mastering
Oslo – August 29th, 2022

The music tech venture has over the last two years developed one of the worlds leading services for automated mastering of music. The service has been used by thousands of artists around the world and gained trust by recognized musicians and producers such as Matoma, Ane Brun and Christian Ingebrigtsen.

by:Larm showcases new Nordic music and is the most essential meeting point for the Nordic music industry. Here, the Nordic and International music industry meet to keep updated on the last changes in the music industry. During night time the music industry stands side by side with the audience that attends by:Larm to keep updated on music and new trends. by:Larm is the perfect arena to showcase innovative companies that add something new to the music industry or to an audience engaged in music.

“Masterchannel clearly distinguished themselves from the other candidates for Startup of the Year with their innovative usage of new technology. We believe by:Larm to be a good and right arena for Masterchannel to showcase their solution and get feedback directly from the industry” – Tonje Andersen, CEO, by:Larm 

During the festival Masterchannel will offer 3 free mastering sessions exclusively for by:Larm attendees. You can use the exclusive offer by creating an account on and applying the code BYLARM_2022 (code is valid until November 30th 2022).

CEO and Co-Founder Christian Ringstad Schultz states:
”We’re thrilled to have been selected Startup of the Year at by:Larm, as the festival is internationally recognized as a hotspot for everything new and exciting in the Nordic music industry.

Christian further mentions that the company is growing and that by:Larm is the perfect arena to further attract talented artists and potential partners. The company plans to open a financing round this fall and sees by:Larm as a great arena to find relevant investment partners. 

Seminar: “Why the future of creator tools will shake up the music industry”
As a part of the conference, Masterchannel will present their plans for the future, as well as inviting to a panel discussion on “Why the future of creator tools will shake up the music industry“. Panelists include Simen Fjeld, Senior Analyst in Sony Music and Oda Svendsby, Head of Marketing & Promotion at Propeller Recordings. The conversation will be moderated by Karen Norbakk from Sony Music. The seminar will be held Friday September 16th at 11am CET in Vulkan Matsal.

About Masterchannel

Music tech venture Masterchannel aims to democratize the music production process and help artists build sustainable careers in music, supporting them from initial idea to final release. Their first creator tool, a world-leading automated mastering service, offers premium AI mastering with studio-grade mastering results in less than ten minutes, at an affordable price and with zero-technical expertise required. Resolutions offered are Lossless, Hi-Res Lossless and Ultimate.

About by:Larm 

by:Larm is a music festival and conference that has been held annually at different locations in Norway since 1998. Since 2008 the festival has been held in Oslo. The 25th edition of by:Larm will be held September 15-17th 2022. by:Larm consists of two parts: a festival and a conference. The conference is a meeting place for the Nordic and international music industries. A series of lectures, seminars and debates are held during the day. The festival concerts take place at night and are open to the public. by:Larm’s main focus is to present artists that are on the verge of success, either in their homelands or internationally.

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