How To Distribute & Release Your Spatial Audio Track


When you are set to release your spatial audio track, it’s important to know where and how you best do it. This article will explain how and where you can distribute your Spatial Audio Tracks after you mastered it with Masterchannel SpatialAI!

Before you distribute your spatial audio tracks make sure the file is technical valid and is in ‘AMD BWF‘ file format.

When you are uploading a song to a distributor you’ll need two files:

  • 1 Stereo master file
  • 1 ADM BWF file 

Apple Music (and other streaming services supporting Spatial Audio) cross checks these two files to see if they have identical length and the same content, so make sure you upload both of these.

If you have used SpatialAI by Masterchannel to master your Spatial file then you have received these two files in the right format through a zipped file, so you are ready to find the right distribution platform for your music. 

Where can I distribute my Masterchannel Spatial track?
There are several platforms that accepts distribution of spatial audio files. The following list highlights some common distribution platforms that distribute spatial audio files: 

NameOpen for everyone?Price for Spatial
TunecoreYes$16.99 per release
The OrchardNoFree
AvidplayYes$49.99 per year for unlimited releases
DistrokidYes$26.99 per release

Are you a distributor want on this list? Reach out via email down below to be added

How will I know if my release was successful?
After you have distributed your song through a distribution platform, you need to wait around 4 weeks before your spatial audio track is live.

The easiest way to check if it is live, is to go to Apple Music or Itunes and search for your song. Look for the ‘Dolby Atmos’ badge below the release. If this is showing then you have successfully released a spatial audio track.

More Information
If you have any questions about SpatialAI by Masterchannel or inquires regarding how we can help you transition to spatial audio, feel free to check out our web page or reach out to us at

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