Elevate Your Video Production Audio with Masterchannel: Truls Melbye’s Success Story


“Masterchannel is an absolute game-changer for videographers working with tight budgets yet striving for impeccable audio quality.”

Name: Truls Lucas Melbye
From: Trondheim, Norway
Working at: Robust Studio

Truls Melbye is a seasoned videographer and video producer hailing from the picturesque city of Trondheim, Norway. However, even seasoned professionals like Truls need the right tools to ensure their work continues to shine.

That’s where Masterchannel comes into the picture. Truls, like many video creators, found Masterchannel’s AI mastering tool to be nothing short of a blessing for his projects.

How Truls Harnesses the Power of Masterchannel

For Truls, Masterchannel serves as the secret ingredient that elevates his audio quality to professional heights, especially when dealing with vocals.

“In my video projects, I often work with three distinct audio elements: music, special effects, and recorded vocals. Before blending these components, I rely on Masterchannel to enhance the clarity and professionalism of the vocals.”

Truls emphasizes that one of the major benefits of using Masterchannel is the substantial time and cost savings it provides compared to his previous methods.

“Before discovering Masterchannel, I used to collaborate with audio engineers to put the finishing touches on my video audio. The drawback was the sluggish process, waiting for feedback on every iteration, especially if I forgot to remove a filter before exporting. Sound work always involves constant refinement.”

Thanks to Masterchannel, Truls has gained the ability to manage most of the audio work independently, bypassing the need to delve deep into complex audio editing. This newfound efficiency has enabled him to take on larger projects, thanks to Masterchannel’s rapid iteration capabilities.

Masterchannel: Always Ready and Affordable

For all of Truls’ ongoing projects, Masterchannel has become an indispensable asset, primarily due to its affordability and consistent availability.

“Masterchannel is a constant presence, unlike a mastering engineer who might be occupied with other commitments when you urgently need audio adjustments. It has become very important to me, offering exceptional value compared to alternative tools or hiring engineers.”

In conclusion, Truls Melbye’s journey exemplifies how Masterchannel empowers videographers to achieve professional-grade audio without breaking the bank. 

Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting in the field, Masterchannel is your reliable partner for audio perfection, ready to enhance your creations at any time. Elevate your video production with Masterchannel, just as Truls did, and experience the difference for yourself.

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