Introducing the Masterchannel API


With the Masterchannel API, any music service can integrate one-click sound enhancement to boost revenue and customer satisfaction!

Due to the popularity of our one-click mastering service to artists, multiple requests have come from business eager to integrate our technology in their services. And it makes a lot of sense! Because in todays music industry convenience and efficiency is important.

And with the Masterchannel API, you can add one-click mastering to your website, software, application – anywhere you’d like really. We’ve made made the process of integrating dead simple, meaning your service can:

  • Increase revenue by creating an additional income stream
  • Attract more users by providing additional user-centric features
  • Increase Exposure by releasing more competitive music
  • Increase overall Customer Satisfaction by assuring the sound quality is competitive

Interested in offering mastering on your own platform, but lack resources or time? No problem, we will help you!

We are always looking for new and exciting companies to integrate with, so don’t hesitate to reach out by clicking the link down below.

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