Introducing the Music Analysis Tool by Masterchannel


For artists, listening is the natural way to determine if their songs have the quality they desire. But what should you do if you’re still unsure?

This is where our Music Analysis Tool, created by us at Masterchannel, comes into play. Our Music Analysis Tool provides accurate feedback on LUFS levels, Peak Level, and EQ Balance, ensuring that you reach your intended goals. But why are these indicators important?

  • LUFS Levels indicate how “loud” your song is and are crucial when uploading to platforms like Spotify. If your song is too “loud,” Spotify and other services may reduce its volume, potentially affecting its quality.
  • Peak level reveals how loud your song is at specific moments. If it isn’t balanced with the rest of the song, it can lead to clipping, which is something you want to avoid.
  • EQ balance assesses how well-balanced your track is, serving as an indicator of how it will sound on various streaming platforms and audio systems.

The Music Analysis Tool by Masterchannel offers a transparent means of understanding how your song was engineered before mastering and the adjustments made by Masterchannel. The ultimate goal is to make it sound as exceptional as possible while ensuring it meets the criteria set by streaming platforms. This way, you can always have peace of mind knowing that your song will sound great, regardless of the platform or listening device.

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