What Do Our Users Say?


We love it when our customers give us feedback!

Here are a a few of our favourites:

Masterchannel gives me a good amount of bang-for-the-buck, and helps me provide good feedback to my clients on how they should focus on their craft going forward.
– User from Nashville

Impressive … louder, more compact, differentiated, tidy, no disturbing frequencies, balanced, super clear, professional! Thank you for this free offer that you cannot refuse. It convinces.
– User from Germany

It is really impressive, i used bandlab studio for a years but, this is something outstanding. Overall its great.
– User from India

Masterchannel makes my life easier as I better can understand how I can learn how to properly mix my song to get better sound quality.
– User from Zambia

It’s great that I get to see what the service has done on my song, so I better can understand how I can optimise my skillset for future releases and what to focus on in terms of learning.
– User from England

To be able to get a good result and also feedback right away helps me as a music producer.
– User from South Africa

I like it. I’ve tried emastered and landr but I feel Masterchannel sounds more polished.
– User from California

Thanks to everyone who has tried Masterchannel and given us their feedback!

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