How Masterchannel as a mastering service has evolved!


Masterchannel has undergone some major transitions since the first version was released three years ago. But why did we make the changes and how has the service evolved?

Masterchannel originated as a hobby project to support our CTO & Co-Founder Simon Hestermann, in his work as a mastering engineer. However, due to the overwhelming demand from artists, he sought ways to enhance productivity and cater to a larger user base. This is how Masterchannel as a service was born.

Since then, tens of thousands of artists have used the service and the product has been improved to assure peace of mind for musicians and their songs. The following journey explains the story so far, and shows you how our service has developed over the years.

The Beginning

What many of our current users may not know is that the original name of the service was The service employed much of the same core principles when it comes to technology. While it boasted a simple and user-friendly interface, it lacked scalability optimization and did not provide the same quality as Masterchannel is known for today.

The professionalization

Due to the increase of artists wanting to use Masterchannel (or at that time), we knew we had to step up the game and professionalize the service. Here, we extensively tested it within a closed community before officially launching as Masterchannel in May 2022. The launch involved a complete overhaul, with significant improvements in user flow, scalability, and sound quality.

Collaborating closely with engineers and established producers, we significantly enhanced the sound quality and adjusted the architecture to accommodate for new genres and cater to artists worldwide. Additionally, we introduced user accounts to enable musicians to access their already mastered songs.

The Current Version

In January 2023, Masterchannel underwent a major change to become more flexible and reducing the level of artist interaction required. This decision aimed to eliminate uncertainties and provide artists with peace of mind, ensuring their music meets the necessary standards for release.

Artists can now just drag & drop their song into our site and will have it back within less than 3 minutes! In addition we increased the transparency, by providing free previews, to both enable artists to listen and get a good overview of what is being done to their songs before purchase.

Expanding into the future

In Masterchannel we are always eager to understand how to best serve artists worldwide. After being approached by several music platforms wanting to integrate our technology in their platform, we decided to open our API and launch a white labeled mastering service. By doing this, artists can get professional music quality in platforms they already use and love, while providing them with peace of mind that the sound quality is as good as it can be.

Music distributors like amuse recently launched their white label mastering solution, powered by Masterchannel technology.

And more platforms will add their own mastering solution, powered by Masterchannel in the near future.

Eager to get more information on our white labeling solution?
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