Close-Up: J-MOX/rayn


Please meet J-MOX/rayn and his tracks “Talk To My Body” and "gone", mastered with Masterchannel.

Artist name J-MOX/rayn – Latest track Talk To My Body/goneCity London, UK

 What is the one thing that we should make sure to listen for in your latest track?

For ’Talk To My Body’ I choose a chord-progression which jumps between the minor & major scale all the time, which I personally really love, as it brings a great feel and variety to the tune. 

On my track, ‘gone’, one of my favourite parts is the breakdown (starting at minute 01:04), where you get the feel, that everything stands still and is on hold for a second.

What is the sound of your childhood and youth?

The sound of my childhood varies a lot – from Heavy Metal to Jazz. As a drummer and pianist these genres have always been extremely interesting and useful to study. It challenged me to develop and understand complex musicality, broadening my horizon by just learning by doing, or let’s say, listening. My father has a great passion for classical music and operas, which he tried bringing me into many times, but wasn’t too successful 😉 Overall, I took inspiration from a lot of different styles whilst growing up, which I implement in my compositions today.

Which software do you use and how does this impact your strategy for making music?

I work with Logic Pro X, which allows me to work fast and creative, as I’m used to the system and multifarious tools since many years. 

What is the biggest hurdle to get over from idea to a released track?

It depends on each project. An idea/a hook is created very fast. To finish a whole track, with all the little details and fine sound-design, can take some time though. The last 5% of finalising a production, including mixing – which I do myself mostly – take up the majority of the time. However, from then onwards, it goes pretty smooth & super quick. I just upload my final mixes to and my tracks are release-ready five minutes later.

What drives you to use Masterchannel?

It’s such a fine AI, getting my tracks release-ready in no time, super fast and easy. I most likely will never need a human mastering engineer ever again, as the process is just reliable and the outcome fantastic. I can highly recommend using Masterchannel to every musician – no matter what level – from beginner to professional!

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