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Premium AI mastering service Masterchannel announces partnership with Indigoboom

Oslo – February 17, 2022  

The Norwegian-based AI-driven mastering service Masterchannel and digital distributor Indigoboom have partnered up to provide world class mastering to all users of Indigboom. 

Masterchannel aims to democratise the mastering process, offering a premium service at an affordable price, and per track instead of subscription. This flexibility will be hugely attractive to smaller labels with limited recording budgets, and also opens up opportunities for artists to supply studio-level sound enhancement in earlier demo versions of their tracks. 

Innovative digital distributor Indigoboom will offer mastering to its users for a $11 flat rate, no matter the resolution. This applies to all 3 of their resolutions from Lossless ($20.95) to  Hi-Res Lossless ($25.95) and Ultimate ($30.95).

Christian Ringstad Schultz,  Co-founder and CEO Masterchannel, says:  «We’re happy to partner up with Indigoboom as they have immense experience working with indie artists from all genres possible, and their portfolio of artists is a great fit for us and our premium mastering tool.»

David Gjester, CEO Indigoboom, says:  «Mastering can often become an expensive, tedious and therefore under prioritized part of an indie release. Masterchannel provides a high quality and affordable solution to this, which helps Indigoboom in its mission to provide best possible support for our artists to achieve their artistic and commercial goals.»

About Masterchannel: 

Masterchannel is a Norwegian company founded in 2020 and offers a best-in-class AI-driven music mastering solution. The company recently raised over $350,000 in investment via StartupLab, the most active early stage investor in Norway. StartupLab also additionally announced Masterchannel as part of its Accelerator batch 11 where selected companies receive extra support. Its co-founders are:

– Simon Hestermann: Co-founder and CTO. Simon is a Mastering and Software Engineer and a former Lead DSP Engineer at Worldcoin. He was also an Audio Researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT and holds a patent in object-based spatial audio mastering.

– Christian Ringstad Schultz: Co-founder and CEO. He is currently on leave from his position as a PhD in Data-driven business models. Christian was co-founder of the web-based gaming company and the Irish gaming technology conference DGC. He has been a producer and DJ for 14 years.

 – Tom Stræte Lagergren: Better known as the world famous DJ and music producer Matoma. Tom has achieved over 3 billion streams worldwide and collaborated with world-famous artists incl. Mike Posner, Becky Hill, The Vamps, and Dua Lipa. Tom holds a bachelor degree in Music Technology from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology.  

About Indigoboom: 

Indigoboom distributes music for independent artists and small record labels to streaming services as well as distributing royalty payments for streaming and other uses of music. In addition, Indigoboom offers consultant services and advice to artists and companies within the music industry. This is the big differentiator from other companies in the field – a very tight dialogue with its customers. Indigoboom’s mission is “to make the process of releasing music as an independent artist less lonesome”.

CEO David Gjester has worked within digital distribution since 1999. First in, then in Telenor internationally. Some later stints at American companies led to the founding of Indigoboom in 2011.

Indigoboom is an awarded gazelle company three years in a row by Norwegian newspaper DN.


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