Partnership Announcement – Masterchannel Adds MQA Encoding to Mastering Tool


Independent Artists Create Highest Quality Masters for Global Distribution
Oslo/London – September 12, 2022

Masterchannel and MQA are joining forces to enable all artists to create the MQA version of their music and retain these files for distribution. The addition of MQA’s award-winning technology to Masterchannel’s world-leading automated mastering service, ensures an artist’s master recording can be delivered untouched and in its original state.

MQA Founder, Bob Stuart, comments: “A fundamental aim of Masterchannel is to democratise the music production process. We share that goal and want to support all creators with convenient and flexible access to tools that produce the best sound.”

Masterchannel Ultimate Offer

MQA is included in Masterchannel’s Ultimate tier, which handles pure raw audio (up to 192 kHz 64-bit) for future remasters or archiving. MQA’s unique encoding process captures and protects the sound of the original recording. Firstly, the ‘deblurring’ effect removes any distortion introduced via the analogue-to-digital conversion. Secondly, the packaging ensures the master recording remains intact and can be delivered everywhere – streaming services, social media, podcasts and livestreams – so you get the best sound across all listening experiences.

Masterchannel CEO Christian Ringstad Schultz states: “Our key mission at Masterchannel is to provide artists with the right creator tools for their careers. By partnering up with MQA, we can provide a state-of-the-art audio format to our users, and increase the overall sound experience for both artists and the audience in a way never experienced before.”

MQA-enabled Music Services

Global music and entertainment streaming platform TIDAL was the first service to adopt MQA technology and offers millions of tracks in master quality. Leading official source of live music,, offers MQA recordings of concerts performed by some of the largest touring artists in the world, including Bruce Springsteen, Metallica and Pearl Jam.

Other services which are currently MQA-compatible and can receive and distribute the MQA file format intact include Soundcloud and Bandcamp, as well as download stores Sony Select in China and e-Onkyo Music in Japan.

Learn more about MQA here:

About Masterchannel

Music tech venture Masterchannel aims to democratize the music production process and help artists build sustainable careers in music, supporting them from initial idea to final release. Their first creator tool, a world-leading automated mastering service, offers premium AI mastering with studio-grade mastering results in less than ten minutes, at an affordable price and with zero-technical expertise required so creators can efficiently master all their releases, demos, beats and live sets. Resolutions offered are Lossless, Hi-Res Lossless and Ultimate.

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