Masterchannel now offers MQA encoding as a part of our Ultimate tier.

Using pioneering scientific research into how people hear, MQA delivers the sound of the original performance. The award-winning technology captures every element of a recording’s resolution and timing. This level of detail recreates a natural sound and enables the listener to position the instruments and performers to build a 3D sonic picture. By identifying and focusing on the music information within the file, MQA’s unique encoding process enables high quality music to be ‘folded’ and delivered in the most efficient and sustainable way. Devices or apps with MQA decoding capability can fully ‘unfold’ the MQA file and reveal the original master resolution. They will also authenticate the file to guarantee that it is the definitive master recording from the studio. 

MQA powers the world’s best-sounding music services, videos and consumer devices. Music services that currently support MQA include TIDAL, live specialists, and e-onkyo music (in Japan). TIDAL Master files, for example, are encoded using MQA’s technology. The software on TIDAL will then ‘unfold’ and decode the file, delivering studio quality sound, however or wherever the music is streamed. 

What does this mean for me and my music? 

  • Artists receive the ‘M’ (Master) symbol on TIDAL
  • MQA audio delivers the best sound across all experiences (music, podcast, video etc) and master files can be the source for all delivery services (not just TIDAL).
  • Lets every artist share their music as it was recorded, intact and without compromise.
  • Artists own the MQA files so they control how they distribute and promote their music.
  • MQA technology packages hi-res audio files efficiently and delivers music responsibly.

Visit MQA’s homepage for more information: 

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